Health benefits Of Soaking In An Inflatable Hot Tub

Are you aware of the health benefits of soaking in an inflatable hot tub? If you aren’t, then go through this article carefully.

We are mostly aware of the common benefits inflatable hot tubs. It gives us a feeling of relaxation and soothes our mind after a hot and hectic day at work. But few people are aware that regular soaking in the hot tub has a lot of health benefits as well. Here are some of the health benefits of using a hot tub regularly, so that you may likewise reap the benefits of taking dips in hot tubs

1) Cures sleep disorder

You must have noticed that we normally tend to fall asleep after a hot shower at night or by relaxing in the hot tub for a while. When our body is cold and tired, tensed or  sweaty, we can hardly sleep well. This is why a hot bath in an inflatable hot tub can really work wonders for you. When you feel fresh and warm, you are definitely going to have a sound sleep.

2) Reduces tension and anxiety

It is likely that a dip in the hot tub will give you a calm and soothing feeling. But recent scientific studies have shown that a combination of hot bath, and massage jets genuinely increase the the feeling of calmness manifold and lessens our tension and anxiety. This means that we are likely to get out of the hot tub with renewed energy and freshness, which , in turn, will enable us to have a good night’s sleep.

3) Reduces arthritic disorder and chronic pain

For people who are suffering from joint pain , arthritis, body aches, and other forms pain arising from muscular or skeletal ailments, a  quiet session in the hot tub will provide the much-needed relief for the patient. Little wonder that people suffering from such types of chronic problems are resorting to alternative therapies like taking a bath in the hot tub.

4) Decreases blood pressure

Some people also claim that regular hot tub sessions have diminished their blood pressure. When you get into a hot tub, the water remains pleasantly warm, and therefore, your heart works overtime to adjust your body to the water temperature. In doing so, it pumps more oxygen to your cells, and thus creates  an overall positive impact on reducing your blood pressure.

5) Promotes a healthier and brighter-looking skin

If you are really looking for a brighter and healthier skin, you should think in terms of going through regular spa sessions at home. We have already brought to your notice that taking hot baths can reduce tension and anxiety, and it also relaxes and rejuvenates your body and mind. And this is how it indirectly has a positive impact on your skin health as well. So, take regular hot baths and give yourself a glowing skin and prevent it from premature aging.

6) Helps Cure migraine and headaches

When you suffer from chronic health problems like migraine, and other forms of tension or gastric headaches, it becomes quite difficult for doctors to cure it. And recent studies have shown how hot baths can play an important role in curing such types of chronic headaches. Besides, people suffering from sinusitis can also feel much better after regular dips in inflatable hot tubs.

So,  now that you are equipped with the information about  the  health benefits of soaking in an inflatable hot tub,just don’t sit at home dilly-dallying about buying an inflatable hot tub, if you haven’t bought one yet. And give yourself a healthy life free from pains and anxieties. Go bathing now!



Benefits of Using Aromatherapy Oils For Better Hot Tub Experience

The following article will give you a brief idea about the benefits of using aromatherapy oils for better hot tub experience.

Everyone looks for a stress-free fun and relaxation at home after a long and hectic day at work. This is where the the portable hot tub, which you have bought for for your relaxation, comes to your help. When you get into the smooth and relaxing portable spa, alone,  or with your partner, you still feel that something is missing. Yes, the X-factor that plays an important role here is the use of essential oils, or aromatherapy oils that raises our spa experience to dizzy heights.

Now what are aromatherapy oils? Well, aromatherapy oils are made of natural organic oils derived from different kind of plants. It works by stimulating the sense organs, especially, the nose. The receptors around the olfactory sense organ send signals to the brain that regulate emotional activities and in turn produce a soothing and relaxing effect in the mind.

When you add these essential oils to the water inside the hot tub, it generates aromatherapy properties. Generally, the aromatherapy oils are dispersed through steaming. But here in the case of the inflatable hot tubs, we add them directly to the water since the water in the hot tub continuously move around, thanks to the jets surrounding the hot tub, and the essential oils easily get dispersed around the inflatable hot tub.

We have listed a few important oils for your benefits, so that you can have that heavenly spa experience.

1) Peppermint


The smell of peppermint is used to release tension and anxiety, relax your stiff muscles. It also cures headaches, muscular or joint pain and enhances mental alertness. Besides, it helps you to get rid of nasal congestion, migraine and other gastrointestinal disorders.

  2) Lavender

Lavender is the most popular aromatherapy oil because of the calming effects it brings to the body and the mind. Apart from the sweet aroma, it helps to get rid of anxiety and hypertension. It also acts as an antiseptic that provides relief from cuts and bruises, insect bites and burns.

3) Tee Tree Oil

The Tee Tree Oil acts as a cure-all for almost all skin conditions. It heals wounds, cuts and also lessens skin irritations that occur from allergy and eczema etc.

4) Eucalyptus

The aromatherapy oil clears your air passages, helps you to get rid of nasal congestion, common cold and breathing trouble that arises from asthma.

You would do well to remember that jacuzzis, hot tubs and inflatable hot tubs require only a few drops of essential or aromatherapy oils to get a proper feel of the aroma that exudes from it. Hot tubs which are smaller in size and can accommodate a couple, need 5 to 10 drops of essential oil. While larger hot tubs that can accommodate 4-6 persons need around 12-15 drops. And there is a caveat: you should not use more than the stipulated dose as it may cause severe allergic reaction on your skin.

There is another thing to remember. Certain essential oils can have photosynthetic effects on your body. So, do not keep the hot tub for long hours under the sun and also abstain from using the aromatherapy oils when you are looking to spend long hours under the sun.


Last but not least, that the aromatherapy oils you are using in the hot tubs are organically made. In any case, if there is an allergic reaction to your skin, you should get out of the tub immediately and visit a skin specialist to check if you have any serious problem.

So, here we have provided a short information about the benefits of using aromatherapy oils for better hot tub experience. So, just splash a few drops of essential oils in your  inflatable hot tub  and see how it can waft you to the heavenly heights of a perfect spa experience!




How To Maintain An Inflatable Hot Tub

When buying an inflatable hot tub, you should also gather information about how to maintain an inflatable hot tub, among other things. This is extremely important because if you don’t know how to main the hot tub, it is most likely to get destroyed or turn into a useless furniture of your home.

People, more often than not, prefer to buy an inflatable hot tub because of its low price compared to the traditional built-in hot tubs or jacuzzis. Apart from price, an inflatable hot tub requires much less maintenance when you compare it with a traditional hot tub. However, having said that, you still need a minimum level  of  hot tub maintenance  in order to ensure that the  inflatable hot tub  you have bought lasts longer than it is expected and you get the maximum benefit out of it. But for all that, you must know how to maintain an inflatable hot tub. Let us see how you can do that.

Change water on a weekly basis

The water you use in the inflatable hot tub should not be kept for a long period of time, for leaving it unattended  for many days will give rise to bacterial growth and algae. You should change the water at least once every week. The inflatable hot tub you are using is only for you and your family, or friends close to you. Hence, you should avoid using chemicals unnecessarily if you are changing the water every week.

Clean with soap water

You should start the cleaning work once the water is drained out. You must use warm soap water to clean your hot tub and make sure that you don’t use abrasives to clean the surface. Remember that the surface of the inflatable hot tub is is fairly soft unlike a traditional hot tub. You need a soft piece of cloth or a sponge to clean the surface. After the cleaning work is done, you will have to make sure that you have got rid of all soap residues. You must then allow the inflatable hot tub to dry out completely before storing it with water again in order to avoid mold formation. Also, you should not leave it directly under the sun to dry out, since high temperature can gradually destroy the PVC material.

Change Filters Quickly

Another important feature of an inflatable hot tub cleaning is to change the filter regularly. The Filter generally  attracts dirt and debris and that can get  your hot tub clogged. Hence, you should remove it from time to time and clean it thoroughly under running water. You are also advised to keep more than one filter so that one can replace it when the other one is not in use.But don’t forget that the filters are supposed to be changed at least once in every six months.

Other Important Maintenance Tips

If you want to avoid using sanitizers, a good practice would be to get a shower before you get into a hot tub. This will help the water to remain clean and fresh, dirt-free and devoid of chemicals. You should also make it a point to cover the hot tub when not in use. And last but not least, always place the inflatable hot tub in a smooth ground free from stones, or sharp objects that might endanger the inflatable hot tub. So, why wait ? Go and enjoy an enchanting spa session with your loved ones!

So, it is obvious that if you know how to maintain your inflatable hot tub, you will be able to increase its longevity and keep it in working condition for a long time.




Things To Consider Before Buying An Inflatable Hot Tub

Do you have an idea about the things to consider before buying an inflatable hot tub? Well, if you don’t,  read on.

Buying an inflatable hot tub in certainly not an easy task. For one thing, there are so many varieties and so many brands to choose from. But now that you have decided to buy an inflatable hot tub, you must consider some important factors before buying it.

1) Is the price okay with you?


The first thing you would like to consider before buying an inflatable hot tub is the cost of the product. Ask yourself, what is your actual budget? There are inflatable hot tubs and portable spas, starting from $300 to $3000. It means that you have to option to choose something that suits your pocket. But we should not lose sight of the fact that the inflatable hot tubs are much more cost-effective than traditional built-in hot tubs. So, before making a final decision, you would do well to research thoroughly about the pros and cons of the product, whether you should buy it or settle for another that suits you best.

2) How many members do you have in your family?

The second thing you will have to take into  account is the number of family members you have at home. If you   have  a family of 4, you can choose a normal-sized hot tub, but if there are 6 members in your family, you will have to choose a model that can accommodate 6 persons inside the hot tub. Again, you will have to enquire where you would like place it, whether you have enough space to provide for when it is fully inflated. Besides, You will have to check for a portable power supply. This will enable you to place your hot tub anywhere you feel like, inside or outside.

3) Is the inflatable hot tub tough and durable?

Before you go to purchase your inflatable hot tub, you must ensure that it is constructed with highly durable material, tough enough to withstand the wear and tear and damages done to its body by children frolicking inside the tub. Check whether the company is  giving a free patch-up kit along with the hot tub so that you may instantly repair it when it is ripped or torn by any sharp object.

4) Does it require any additional plumbing work?

Again, before you purchase your favorite hot tub, you must check whether there is any additional plumbing work to do. If you intend to place the inflatable hot tub upstairs, you will have to check the dimensions of the stairs. You will have to make sure that the hot tub can be carried upstairs by measuring the dimensions of the stairs . Hot tubs often create humid conditions–so you might need to place a dehumidifier close to it, so there must be enough space for that as well.

5) Is the floor good enough to handle the inflatable hot tub?

What you should take into Before you buy your hot tub, you will also have to check whether the spot you have chosen to place your hot tub is strong enough to handle the weight of the hot tub when it is filled with water. This is one question you will have to address carefully if you place it on a wooden floor.

6) Are spare parts available easily?

It is obvious that you would like to purchase a product from a company that gives a solid warranty. A warranty of 6-12 months is given by most companies. You must also check whether the company you are buying your hot tub from has the reputation of honoring the warranty deals. If they have a bad product, and there  is a bad report about it, simply look for another. A warranty is crucial because it ensures that in case anything goes wrong within the stipulated period, you can be pretty sure that the problem is taken care of by the manufacturing company.

To conclude, you must make an informed decision when you contemplate buying an inflatable hot tub, for it is one of those things you don’t easily replace with another if you figure out it is no good for you. So, you must have a first-hand idea about the things to consider before buying an inflatable hot tub, so that you can buy the best within your budget.




Why do People Prefer To Buy Inflatable Hot Tubs

Most middle-class families dream of buying  a hot tub for their home. But the prohibitive price of a  hot tub is a major deterrent. Hence, they either give up or settle for the next best option: the inflatable hot tub. Here is the question often asked by people in forums–Why do people prefer to buy  inflatable hot tubs  instead of a traditional hot tub? For one thing, it is much less expensive than the normal hot tubs or spas or jacuzzis, as it is made of durable material, good enough to provide long years of fun. Yes, there are some major benefits of buying an inflatable hot tub and hence people love to buy them for their home. So, here in this post, we are going to answer the question why an inflatable hot tub is much better than a conventional hot tub permanently installed at home.

Why do people prefer to buy inflatable hot tubs?


  • Portability


A built-in hot tub is obviously , as the name suggests, is a built -in spa permanently fixed inside your home in a particular place. You can never move it around. In order to do that, you will have to bring in an electrician and a plumber to dismantle the hot tub altogether and then place it in a different position like before. On the other hand, an inflatable hot tub can be inflated and deflated according to your own sweet will and you can  even carry it outside to any place for an outdoor bathing session. Or you can carry it to one corner of the garden to enjoy a hot tub bath under the warm sun.

  1. Convenience

Another important benefit of having an inflatable hot tub is that it can be easily set up without any professional help. You just have to follow the directions on the instructional video that come with the package and you are good to go.The process is so easy that even a child can handle it.

  1. Inexpensive product

When you compare the prices of both the products, you will find that there is a huge difference between the two. The price difference, in the first place, is huge. The permanently installed hot tub is quite an expensive product, almost beyond the scope of the middle class people, while most inflatable hot tub models are fairly affordable and inexpensive. Besides, you are required to hire any professional to set up a built-in hot tub, but on the other hand, you set up an inflatable hot tub without anybody’s help.

  1. Durability

Scientific research and modern technological development have enabled manufacturers to come up with inflatable hot tubs which are as tough and durable as the built-in hot tubs and are expected to last for a number of years, despite continuous inflations and deflations, filling and draining, not to speak of the wear and tear of moving it in and out of your house. Surprisingly, today’s inflatable hot tubs are pretty tough and sturdy, made of several layers of PVC material that can withstand daily usage, heavy water play, jabs and even inclement weather conditions, and last, but not least, debris accumulation.

5.Easy Repairability

When the Fiberglass of a  conventional type hot tub cracks, you will have to fish out a huge amount of money to to get it repaired. On the other hand, if by accident, the inflatable hot tub gets pierced by a sharp object, you are just required to get hold of the patch kit and do the repair work within a few minutes and that too without asking for anybody’s help. How about that?

  1. Simplicity of Maintenance

An inflatable hot tub is not only inexpensive but also can be easily maintained. An inflatable hot tub is ideal for a small family and you don’t require any expensive chemicals to keep the water clean. You just need to replace the water every week in order to prevent the growth of bacteria or algae. You will also need a water softener so that the water remains gentle on your skin. After draining out the water, you can take a soft piece of washcloth and rub it with warm soapy water to clean it thoroughly. But don’t forget to use the use the cover when not in use.

So, you can easily see the benefits of using an inflatable hot tub over a built-in traditional hot tub or jacuzzi. And since the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages, it is pretty obvious that people would prefer to purchase an inflatable hot tub instead of a traditional hot tub. So, the next time when anybody raises this question as to why people prefer to buy  inflatable hot tub, you would surely be able to convince him about your choice.

Anyway, if you want to learn more about inflatable hot tubs, you may go through our home page titled Best Inflatable Hot Tubs where we have given a detailed review of all the inflatable hot tubs:




Intex Purespa Bubble Hot Tub And Pool Set Review

If you are here obviously because you want to go through this Intex Purespa Bubble Hot Tub And Pool Set Review. Ok, so we start with a question.Did you always  dream of having an inflatable hot tub, or a Jacuzzi, or a swimming pool at home, but find them too costly for your pocket? Don’t worry, you can have everything at home and that too without spending a fortune. If you are interested in knowing further about this, you are requested to go through this review, so that you may know how you can achieve your dream.

The Intex Purespa Bubble Spa and Pool Combo is the most affordable way to enjoy the dual benefits of having an inflatable hot tub and a swimming pool. Often, people confused with its deluxed edition with is the Intex PureSpa Jet And Bubble Deluxe Portable Hot Tub, but don’t be!  You can relax and reduce your stress with the help of the massage bubble jets, or, if you feel like, may unwind in the pool for a change. In other words, the Intex Purespa model offers  two combined ways to ease your tension and calm your heated brain, and once the hot tub is set, you can enjoy a long and deep jacuzzi session without any problem.

The Bubble Spa and Pool combination offers both heated and cooling off relaxation with the simple touch of a button. The Purespa Bubble Bubble spa is constructed with tough and durable Fiber-Tech technology, the Unique I-Beam Construction, and puncture-resistant 3 ply laminate PVC walls so that there is no question of bending or buckling under pressure when the bathers sit and relax pressing their backs against the wall. The Purespa Pool and Spa combination is available in a textured cobalt blue and is designed in such a way that it can be inflated or deflated within minutes.

The user-friendly control panel powers the 120 high-powered bubble jets surrounding the spa interior to give you the relaxing and rejuvenating massage to your body. You can adjust the water temperature up to 104 °F. On the other hand, on the pool side, 150 bubble jets circulate through the pool water helping it to remain crystal clear and smooth, maintaining a cooler temperature., if you really want to enjoy a pool session afterwards. It also features a couple of built -in benches on either side for sitting back and relaxing outside the inflatable hot tub. To complete the package in every respect, Intex has also included an insulated ground cloth to prevent any heat loss through the ground. You will also have an easy-to-follow maintenance guide, replaceable filter cartridges and , last but not least, a chemical dispensing floater.

Main Features

  • Unique rectangular-shaped hot tub cum pool
  • Very attractive cobalt blue color makes it the cynosure of all eyes
  • Cartridge filter system
  • 2 inflatable benches for outside relaxation
  • 270 massaging bubble jets
  • Heat insulating cover
  • Rugged carry bag to carry it around
  • Built-in hard water softening system which keeps the water soft and fresh, gentle on your skin
  • Inflatable hot tub doubles as pool
  • Built-in hard water system
  • Fiber-tech construction makes it tough enough to withstand any pressure
  • Big size may create a problem if you don’t have enough space at home
  • Fairly expensive product–so not many people would be able to afford it


We are quite sanguine that the Intex purespa bubble hot tub and pool set review will give you enough food for thought about this fancy product, especially if you can afford it. It is indeed one of the best hot tubs out there in today’s market, a halfway house between a spa and a pool, an innovative model that offers a bit of both. If you have a bold and  flashy personality and like to surprise people, you can definitely go for it. If you’re somehow on a budget but want to experience what it is to have jacuzzi anywhere you want, we very much recommend the Coleman Lay-Z-Spa Inflatable Hot Tub or the Lay-z-Spa Miami Air Jet Inflatable Hot Tub, which is a great deal for its price below $500.00.



Intex 85in Purespa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set Review

The Intex 85in Purespa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set is  one of the top-notch Inflatable Hot Tubs and it boasts of all the features that can be only seen in the top class hot tubs and jacuzzis available on the market today. You can go through this Intex 85″ Purespa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set Review, and you will understand why this product is coveted by so many people.

What is remarkable about the Intex 85″ Purespa is its beautiful leathery appearance like its smaller version has, which is the Intex 77in PureSpa. Its natural color makes it an ideal choice if you want to place it in one corner of your garden, as it blends perfectly with the natural ambiance, or any other corner inside your home. It also gives you more leg space inside the tub and also makes it easier for you to fit in more people inside the tub without being cramped for space.

Technical Specifications

The Package includes:

  • The Intex 85in Purespa  Inflatable Hot tub
  • 140 bubble jets to rejuvenate your body and mind
  • Built-in hard water system that softens the water
  • Heat retention mat to arrest heat loss
  • Hot tub cover for protection
  • Digital Control Panel for regulating essential features
  • Garden Hose adaptor
  • Couple of filter cartridges
  • Floating chlorine dispenser
  • Instructional DVD for easy set-up

Main Features

The Intex 85in Purespa hot tub is made of triple-layered laminated PVC and strengthened with I-Beam Construction technology used in the walls so that the hot tub doesn’t bend or buckle at the slightest pressure.

This robust and durable inflatable hot tub has a powerful 140 air bubble jets which give the users a calm and invigorating spa experience along with a gentle massage that can only be obtained from the best spas. The Bubble Jet system and the water heating system is entirely controlled by the Digital Control Panel and hence you will not have to do anything manually. You can raise the temperature up to 104 degree F with the push of a button and this is the ideal temperature for enjoying a relaxed and rejuvenating spa experience.

How to Set Up The Intex 85″ Purespa Set

This Intex 85″ purespa Inflatable hot tub is quite simple to set up. At first, you are required to lay out the heat retention mat on the floor and unfold the hot tub. Then you only have to connect the control Panel to the Hot tub and attach the power supply to it. After that, you will have to inflate the hot tub, which takes about 30 seconds and now it is ready to be filled with water. You will have the leave the hot tub to heat up through the night so that the next morning it is completely ready for you.

  • Very tough and durable construction
  • Powerful bubble jets for massaging
  • Unique square-shaped design and looks pricey and sophisticated
  • Very efficient water heater
  • Good enough for a family of 4-6
  • No chlorine included, you will have to purchase it separately
  • Carry bag could have been a bit stronger



All in all, the Intex 85in Purespa Portable Bubble Massage Hot Tub Set  looks quite impressive and functions superbly. The water jets are fabulous and it is a must-buy for a family looking for therapeutic spa experience. Hence, we feel that after going through this review, you will be able to decide whether to purchase this hot tub or settle for another more expensive and functionally superior. Enjoy and relax if you have chosen this model for your home! If you as well are looking for other superb products by Intex, you may as well like the Intex PureSpa Jet And Bubble Deluxe Portable Hot Tub which costs a li’l bit higher but you will find it right on the money.


MSpa B-130 Camaro Inflatable Hot Spa Review

Whenever you talk about about ultimate luxury in water, think of the MSpa B-130 Camaro Inflatable Hot Spa. Yes, whether you want it as a morning eye-opener, a post workout relaxation session, or a quiet time to spend a romantic evening with your loved ones after a hectic day at office, there is nothing like the MSpa Camaro. This MSpa B-130 Camaro Inflatable Hot Spa Review will help you understand why this inflatable hot tub is quite appropriate if you want to unwind your tired body and mind and rekindle your senses. The MSpa Camaro caters to all your essential needs.

Main Features

Sits up to 4 people

The MSpa Camaro inflatable hot spa can accommodate up to 4 people , which mean that your whole family can relax and enjoy the bubble bath together. The floor of the MSpa B-130 is nicely padded with individual seat cushions so as to give you the ultimate comfort when you sit inside the hot tub.

Durable Construction

The MSpa Camaro B-130 Spa uses the durable I-Beam Construction which gives the Spa a solid, sturdy body that does not easily bend or buckle when you sit pressing your back against the wall. Same construction technology that the Intex 85in Purespa Portable Bubble Massage Spa  and the Coleman Saluspa/Lay-Z-spa Inflatable Hot Tub has. The outer covering is made of top class synthetic leather and looks fabulous.

Smart Inflation

Many people erroneously think that setting up an inflatable hot tub s a tedious chore. But here you have the smart inflation system which enables you to inflate the hot tub within a few minutes. You are just required to connect the pipe and press a button and the system inflates the inflatable hot tub on its own.

130 air Bubble Jets

One of the most important features of the MSpa is obviously the Bubble Jet System uses a 1-hp air blower to power the 130 air jets to provide a continuous flow of air bubbles around the hot tub so that you can enjoy calm and soothing spa experience for a few hours.

Built-in heater

The built-in heater employed by MSpa enables your hot tub to raise the temperature by approximately 1.5-2 degrees each hour till it reaches the maximum of 104 degree F.

Touch Button Controls

The Touch Button Controls system enables you to control most of the features through the built-in digital Control Panel which helps you to regulate the bubble massage system, the water temperature as well as the filter and you can do everything at the touch of a button.


The MSpa camaro B-130 Hot Spa has included a lot of accessories in the Box. The case includes a owner’s manual, an instructional DVD, heat preservation mat, and last but not least, a garden hose adaptor.

Technical specifications

Product dimension: 28x71x71 inches

Model no: B-130

Shipping weight of the tub: 8.9 lbs

Water capacity : 184 gallon

Air bubble jets:130

  • This is a top class model with stunning looks that allows people on a budget to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of a hot tub.
  • The build quality is extremely good and you can use it to your advantage for a long time without having to worry about replacement parts quite frequently.
  • An inflatable cover is included in the package to keep the spa safe and secure overnight.
  • Some customers have complained that the hot tub loses its temperature quite easily.


The MSpa B-130 Hot Spa has already proved that it is one of the top-notch products in the market. It is just right for a family of 4 and you would live its quality looks and modern features. We are pretty sure that after going through the MSpa B-130 Camaro Inflatable Hot Spa review, you will have no doubt in your mind about the good and bad qualities of it. Hence, if you are looking for an inflatable hot tub which is affordable and at the same time boasts of having maximum features, this model is right for you.



Lay-z-Spa Miami Air Jet Inflatable Hot Tub Review

The Bestway Saluspa  Miami Inflatable hot tub, also known as Lay-z-Spa Miami Air Jet Inflatable Hot Tub, is quite a well-known model, which is  rather economically priced and yet has almost  all the necessary features offered in high-end models.   If you are looking to buy this inflatable hot tub, you should go through this Lay-Z-Spa  Miami Air Jet Inflatable Hot Tub Review, so that you will be able  to make up your mind whether to purchase this product or settle for something else.

To begin with, the Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Miami can be easily set up without professional help, no matter whether you want to place it indoors or outdoors. The Lay-Z-Spa Miami is a bit smaller in size and can only accommodate 4 adults. It holds slightly less water than Coleman Lay-Z-Spa but all other features are almost identical to those of the popular models available in this price range. So, if you have a small family of 4 and want to relax and enjoy a heavenly spa experience, The Lay-Z-Spa Miami may be the right option for you.    

Essential features                                          

The Digital Control Panel is indeed one of the better features of the Bestway Miami. It is fixed on top of the heating mechanism and helps you to control all the necessary functions of this inflatable hot tub.The digital panel can be accessed without coming out of the tub. The Control Panel consists of:

  1. Auto-lock: There is an auto-lock system on the control panel and to release the controls , you will have to hold this button down for a few seconds.
  2. Temperature control: There are also buttons on the left and right side with which you can regulate the temperature of the inflatable hot tub.
  3. Bubbles: The Bestway Miami, like all popular models, feature 120 bubble jets that provide soothing relaxation to your body and mind. Many owners of the inflatable hot tubs rather prefer bubbles to pressurized real jets of the hot tub.
Heat Pump

The Heat pump is there to warm up the water to a cozy temperature of 104 degree F to create a feeling of extreme comfort and relaxation.

Inflatable Cover

The Inflatable Cover that comes with it provided to preserve the heat of the water when the lay-Z-Spa is not in use. It also ensures that the debris that naturally accumulates when you place the hot tub outdoors is kept out.

Chemical Floater

The chemical floater keeps the water inside the hot tub fresh and clean so that it can be used again and again.

Superior strength and durability
The Lay-Z-Spa Miami

is manufactured using the Tritech material which consists of a polyester mesh core, encased in double layers of laminated PVC. The walls of the inflatable hot tub are strengthened by puncture-resistant I-Beam construction. This enables the users to sit comfortably reclining against the walls, without the hot tub caving in or bending.

Technical specifications


  • Product Dimensions: 71x71x26 inches
  • Weight of the hot tub: 53.9 lbs
  • Manufacturer: Bestway
  • Customer rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars
  • Very economically priced: The Lay-Z-Spa Miami is extremely affordable and one can supreme spa experience without spending a fortune.
  • Easy installation: The product can be installed very quickly without any professional help
  • Easy movement: The hot tub can be easily moved from one place to another
  • Solid construction: tough and durable product
  • Offers gentle relaxation: This inflatable hot tub has a foam padded bottom and therefore quite comfortable to sit on
  • Temperature is limited to 104 degreeF
  • Water chemicals are not included in the package
  • You can’t run the bubbles and the heater at the same time


When you are surrounded by the warm water heated up to 104 degree F, you will really feel total spa experience after a hot and hectic day at office. You can spend an absolutely fantastic session with your wife or partner, and you will love the features it offers. A set of DVD is provided with the package to help you install the Lay-Z-Spa Miami and you will have  no problem whatsoever to do this.

We are quite sure that this Saluspa Miami or Lay-Z-Spa Miami Air Jet Inflatable Hot tub Review has given you a fair bit of idea about the pros and cons of this particular hot tub. All in all, this product is a splendid bargain when you compare its price with similar models from other companies and you will have nothing serious to complain about if you carry this product home for your family. You may as well find the Coleman Lay-Z-Spa Inflatable Hot Tub and Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii Hydrojet Pro Inflatable Hot Tub as great alternative in the same price range of below $500.


Intex 77 in Purespa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set Review

Have you come to this place to read this Intex 77in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set Review?

The Intex 77 in Purespa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set is arguably one of the most popular inflatable hot tubs available on the market today. Because of its low price and superb features, customers from all walks of life, rich or middle class, have come to like this model, and this is why it sells in such a large number every year. If you take a close look at the price of this product and those of other similar products, you will be able to understand why it is such a good bargain. Just go through this Intex 77in Purespa Portable Bubble massage Spa Set Review and you will be able to decide for yourself whether it matches your expectations.

The Portable Intex Purespa Bubble Massage Spa enables you to pamper yourself in a soothing and pleasing atmosphere, when you find yourself surrounded by the gently caressing bubble jets that recharges and rejuvenates your body and mind. The easy-to-use digital control panel on the hot tub activates  120 high-powered bubble jets that encircle the interiors of the spa and refresh your body with a complete massage.

The built-in hard water treatment system make the water gentler on your skin so that you can spend hours on your hot tub without hurting your skin, this feature can also be seen on the Intex Purespa Bubble Hot Tub And Pool Set. The heating system can adjust itself through the digital panel to a temperature that suits your preference, as you may enjoy a soothing and relaxing spa experience according to your personal preference

The fiber-tech construction and the puncture-resistant 3 ply laminated material make the inflatable hot tub tough and durable, providing complete back support when you recline against the wall.

The  Intex 77 in Purespa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set  comes with an easy-to-replace  filler cartridges for long-lasting spa experience. You will also get an insulated cover and lock to arrest the heat loss and provide safety to the inflatable spa. Besides, you will be given a carry bag for storage and transportation.

Technical specifications

  • Seating Capacity: up to 4 adults
  • Water capacity: 210 gallons
  • Water temperature range: 69-104 degree F
  • 120 Bubble Jets
  • Heater: 1300w–2-3 degree/hr
  • Electronic digital panel makes operations very easy
  • Built-in Hard water Treat system makes the water go gentle on your skin.
  • The system generates electromagnetic field that activates calcium and other minerals in order to turn them into suspended crystals.
  • Heavy-duty stuff and reasonably tough and durable.
  • Customer service not very prompt
  • Does not work in the winter
  • No floating chlorine dispenser included


We are sure that the Intex 77in Purespa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set Review has given you enough information to make up your mind about this product. All in all, The Intex Purespa Portable Bubble Massage Spa is a cool product, and though it is moderately priced, it looks stunningly beautiful because of its leathery appearance. So, get ready to pamper yourself  in the relaxing and soothing warm water surrounded by bubble jets that gently massage your body. The construction is tough and durable and its classy appearance has made it a fairly popular model among the masses. You can give it a try if you want an inflatable hot tub at a modest price, which performs well and at the same time looks fantastic.

All in all its like the smaller version of the Intex 85″ Purespa, it will make you say “size doesn’t matter” as it doesn’t fall behind its larger counterpart in terms of the performance and relaxation it has to offer.



Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs Air Jet Inflatable Hot Tub Review

The Saluspa or Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs inflatable hot tub is a great product ideal for a family of 4 people (though it can accommodate up to 6 adults), and it is a mid-range model from the lay-Z-Spa brand, absolutely perfect for indoors or outdoors during the summer. This Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs Air Jet Inflatable Hot Tub Review will give you a detailed  analysis of the model so that you may decide whether this modestly-priced inflatable hot tub is just right for you and tell you why its one of the best inflatable hot tubs on today’s market.


The Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs have 4 models in their stable which is the following; Lay-z-spa Hawaii, Lay-z-spa Paris, Lay-z-spa Miami, and the Lay-z-spa Palm Springs, which has 120 air jets and capable of heating up to 40 degree C, is a standard product with a premium look and its its mellow color and soft leather texture makes it an absolute stunner.

The Lay-Z-Spa palm Springs can easily be set up an wooden deck in the garden or on the lawn if you intend to set it up outside and it merges perfectly with the natural setting of the garden.


The Palm Springs has a recommended recommended capacity of 6 people maximum, but it has a larger water capacity which provides greater depth and more room for body movement and offers fabulously luxurious spa experience. This portable hot tub is bigger than the Lay-Z-Spa Vegas, which can accommodate only 4 people, and is spacious enough to hold 254 gallons of water.



The Palm Springs Inflatable Hot Tub comes with a chemical floater which helps keep the water clean and fresh, a setup and maintenance DVD, a heavy-duty repair patch kit for repairing any sort of puncture, a filter cartridge that ensures the smooth functioning of the pump, a ground mat on which you would place your inflatable hot tub, so that there is no loss of heat from the base.

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Size; perfect for 4-6 adults
  • The Hot Tub is fitted with the Lay-Z-spa massage system which has 120 jets
  • Arrives with an easy to clip on lid to protect the hot tub when not in use
  • Brown leather finish looks highly attractive and blend with the natural setting if placed outside
  • Digital Control Panel
  • Superior strength and durability
  • Cushioned air pad floor
  • Price is an absolute bargain
  • No chemical kit in the package
  • Occasional hitches with customer service
  • Not quite effective during winter


The Lay-Z-Spa palm Spring comes with everything you need and it is a great price for the product.The Lay-Z-Spa Palm Spring can be set up without any professional help and the leather finish makes it look expensive and classy.

So, if you want genuine luxury, tranquility and relaxation at a great price, the Lay-Z-Spa Palm Spring is quite a good choice for a family of four and you can also occasionally invite a couple of your friends sometimes to take a dip at the inflatable hot tub and enjoy the heavenly spa experience.

We are quite sanguine that this Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs Inflatable Hot Tub Review will give you enough food for thought about this spa and whether to buy it or not. But we can assure you that if you do choose to buy this hot tub, you will not be disappointed.

Intex PureSpa Jet And Bubble Deluxe Portable Hot Tub Review

If you are really looking for an inflatable hot tub to get the perfect spa experience, and that too at the comfort of your home, you should go through this review carefully.

Yes, this review is all about the Jet and massage spa set, which includes the Massage Jet feature as well as the Bubble jets which is common in all the inflatable hot tubs such as the MSpa B-130 Camaro and the Intex Purespa Bubble Hot Tub And Pool Set. And what distinguishes this hot tub from others is its octagonal shape, which gives it an outstanding look. Read on to learn more about this inflatable hot tub so that you may decide whether it matches your expectation.

Special Features

The Intex purespa Jet and Bubble Hot Tub, though seems identical to other hot tubs in many aspects, is not really so because of the following features:

  • Octagonal shape
  • High-performance massage jets
  • Built-in hard water and salt water treatment system

What sets this apart from other hot tubs is obviously because of the heavenly spa experience from the 120 bubble jets combined with the high-powered massage system that soothes your aching back. Through the control system anyone can run the hard water and salt water treatment system, along with the bubble jet system. Besides, you can also inflate the hot tub as well as the insulated cover. And unlike other hot tubs, you can have both the features operational at the same time. The Heater and the Bubble Jets can run simultaneously, while you may also choose to run both the Bubble and the Massage system together.


Before we talk about capacity, you should ask yourself why you need to buy this and for whom. Most probably, you would like to spend a sunny day outdoors along with your family, or you may want to enjoy a quiet evening with your partner after a hot and tiring day at office. Whatever may be the cause, this model is for everyone. It has a seat capacity of 4 people and you can also relax with your legs stretched when you are alone or just with your wife.

Heating System

The Control Unit of the Octagonal portable hot tub has the capacity to heat up the water up to 104 degree F or 40 degree C. Some bathers, however, would like to go beyond and want a higher degree of water temperature, but if should rather avoid doing that because it might undermine the durability of your hot tub considerably.

Filtration System

The manufacturers of the Intex PureSpa Jet And Bubble deluxe Inflatable Hot Tub has created this product keeping in mind that consumers should have the best spa experience at a minimum cost from home. This is why the control unit has a built-in Hard water treatment system . This is obviously a standard feature of all high-end hot tubs nowadays.

It goes without saying that hard water is not so gentle in your skin. It can leave soap scums and gradually clog the flow of water. Secondly, the easy-to-install filtration system ensures that the portable spa is kept clean for several uses. For this reason, it uses 2 filter cartridges which can be easily replaced or installed. Besides,  the built-in salt water system is there to help limit the chlorine in water, which may often is necessary to treat the water.

Massage system

Anyone can get an inflatable hot tub at a cheaper price, but there is reason why you are required to pay more for this hot tub. You will have to take into account that there is not only the bubble jet system but also there is a massage jet system in position that might run together to build up a heavenly spa sensation for you.

  • Octagon-shaped for more leg space
  • Built-in water treatment system for salt water as well as hard water
  • 140 bubble jets give you a relaxed feeling
  • 4 high-powered adjustable massage jets, one on each side wall
  • Can run two function simultaneously like bubble and massage jets
  • Seating capacity for 4 adults
  • Maximum heat capacity of 104 degree F may not impress everyone


 So, with the Intex PureSpa Jet and Bubble Massage Deluxe Spa, you can have a refreshing and relaxing spa experience surrounded by soothing water massage as well as bubbly exuberance. This portable hot tub may be a bit costlier than ordinary hot tubs but the product is worth every penny. We are absolutely sure that after going through the whole review, you will be able to make up your mind whether you should purchase this product or not or reject for another. This Intex Purespa deluxe is indeed a fully-functional, luxurious hot tub where you and your family or friends would love to take a dip in and enjoy a few hours of serene and quiet spa experience. Check our homepage for more of the Best Hot Tub Reviews.

Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii Hydrojet Pro Inflatable Hot Tub Review

The Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii Hydrojet Pro Inflatable Hot Tub is an amazing product that not only looks great but also versatile enough to catch your attention. This Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii Hydrojet Pro Inflatable Hot Tub Review will give you enough information about this hot tub and help you to decide whether you should buy it or reject it for a better option.

Welcome to the world of Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii Inflatable Hot Tub–a product that helps you to pamper yourself in the warm and smooth water of the hot tub that is fitted with eight top quality adjustable hydrojets that give you a nice and relaxing massage with the push of a button.

The Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii can accommodate a maximum of of 6 persons and can be set up easily indoors or outdoors within minutes without any professional help. You can inflate the hot tub with the help of the water pump, and it also boasts of the Lay-Z-Spa Massage system and the Rapid Heating System –two of the most modern features you would like to see in a top class inflatable hot tub.

Main Features

The Lay-Z-Spa  Hawaii, as it has been already mentioned, is fitted with hydrojet nozzles which ensures that you can enjoy a relaxing –cool and smooth– spa experience. To be precise, this model comes with eight adjustable nozzles which caresses your skin gently and provides a heavenly experience.

Saltwater Filtration System

Another amazing feature of the Bestway Lay-Z-spa Hawaii is that it arrives with an integrated saltwater system. The saltwater system ensures that the water which you are going to used for bathing in the hot tub is smooth and gentle on your skin, so that you may feel more inclined to spend some extra time inside the tub.

Digital Control panel

Apart from this, the Saluspa Hawaii (that is the alternative name) hot tub boasts of a Digital Control Panel which has an integrated start/stop timer to regulate the water temperature as well as to control a host of other features, this feature can also be seen with Intex 85in Purespa and the MSpa B-130 Camaro. With the simple touch of a button, you can raise the temperature to your desired level and enjoy the heavenly moments of bubbly bliss.

Strength and Durability

The Lay-Z-spa Hawaii is a tough product and very durable. It comes with a puncture-resistant exterior which is made of Tritech 3 ply reinforced material which again is bolstered with two layers of PNG for providing support to the hot tub and thereby making it more solid and durable. Besides, the exterior is completely scratch-free and can  resist any type of impact shock.

Extra Features

The Lay-Z-spa Hawaii is also equipped with a unique leather cover customized with double safety. Not merely that. This model comes with a DVD guide, pressure gauge, filter cartridge and chemical floaters. The Lay-z-spa Hawaii also provides a floor cushioning for ultimate comfort. Lastly, this hot tub is also equipped with ergonomic handles for carrying the hot tub carefully to any place you desire.

  • Extremely easy set-up process
  • Effective hydrojet nozzles to create a relaxing effect
  • Great looks and toughly built.
  • Built-in saltwater filtration system
  • The water heater is a bit on the slower side
  • The water doesn’t heat up when the jets are on.

Who is this product for?

The Bestway Lay-Z-spa Hawaii is primarily meant for those families which have 6 members. However, it also good for a couple who would like to enjoy a quiet romantic evening far from the madding crowd, after a hot and tiring day and obviously you would like to enjoy all the fun with your family members


All in all, the Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii Hydrojet Pro Inflatable Hot Tub Review will give you enough idea as to whether it is entirely suitable for your home. With all the necessary  features, the Lay-Z-Spa is a top model that looks gorgeous and also performs confidently without any problem. Little wonder we have selected this model as our third choice among the best inflatable hot tubs.

Lay-Z-Spa Paris Inflatable Hot Tub Review

The Lay-Z-Spa brand is quite a name in the world of inflatable hot tubs and spas. It has quite a big range of products that cater to people of different tastes and needs, from the small-sized Miami to the big-sized Vegas, and consumers have always loved their products. They released a new model in 2016 which bettered the earlier products released by them. Yes, we are talking about the Lay-Z-Spa Paris hot tub and this review will give you a detailed idea about its essential features and why it has gained so much popularity in recent times.

The Lay-Z-spa Paris released by Bestway is deceptively similar to the Lay-Z-Spa Vegas, and holds 4 to 6 people, heats up to 40 degree C and it is 196 cm wide. But it also has some special features–a built-in lighting system, an improved Rapid Heating System, including a Timer and it is slightly taller than the Vegas Spa and looks quite impressive as a whole.

You can take a look at the following video to have an overview of the Lay-Z-Spa Paris Inflatable Hot Tub and how it functions: (add youtube video)

LED Lighting

What is special about the Bestway Lay-Z-Spa is that it has a built-in LED system,  which is operated by a waterproof remote that comes with the hot tub, and with the help of the remote control device, you can set the color of the LED Lights according to your personal preference, and you will have an option to choose from 7 fascinating colors. You may want also to check out the Lay-z-Spa Palm Air Jet which has the same feature of lighting. You can even choose one color for each session or cycle through a host of colors that create a magical atmosphere and add to the fun and enjoyment of the spa party, where children and adults can take part spontaneously.

The LED Lights run around from the interiors of the Lay-Z-Spa Paris and looks really classy, and you should never think that the colors might destroy the sophisticated look of the hot tub.

Rapid Heating System With Timer

The Lay-Z-Spa Inflatable Hot Tub can heat up to a cozy and warm 40 degree C and with the built-in timer you can always adjust the water temperature and switch on or off the Heating System as and when required.  Once heated up, the Heating System will ensure that the water temperature remains the same all throughout.

Extra Features

Like all Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs, this model also arrives with a clip-on lid that locks the whole thing up when the tub is not in use, thereby keeping the water warm and fresh, and at the same time preventing debris from getting into the tub. As usual the Lay-Z-spa Paris comes with an instructional video that provides an easy-to -follow guide on how to set up the hot tub and how to use it with care.

The Lay-Z-Spa Paris requires no technical skills to install the tub, unpack or repack it, inflate or deflate. You will only have to fill it with water with the help of the water pump and leave it through the night to heat up to the desired temperature.

Along with the hot tub, you will also get a floor protector and insulator, which is to be laid down on the ground before the spa is inflated, and this protects the hot tub from external hazards like sharp stones, as well as insulates the hot tub from heat loss.

When the Lay-Z-Spa arrives, you will have in the package a setup DVD, an easy-to-follow maintenance guide, filter cartridge, which can be replaced easily, a chemical floater and a bubble mat for the base. Besides, you will be handed a digitally-controlled pump and heater as well as the wireless LED Remote that regulates the Lighting System.

  • The LED Lights works very well and adds to the beauty of the spa.
  • Has a great size, perfect for the whole family.
  • The air jets create a tremendous spa sensation and refreshes and rejuvenates you.
  • Very easy to set up without any professional help.
  • The LED Lighting System may not be to everybody’s liking. Besides, it can collect insects if you place it outdoors, especially in the night.
  • The Rapid Heating System could have been a bit faster, though all hot tubs take about 6 hours in an average to heat up to the maximum level.

Who is this product for?

The Lay-Z-Spa Paris is perfect for the whole family because of its size. If you are a couple without children, you can take this opportunity to invite your relations and friends to join you for a quiet evening get-together and share this fascinating spa experience with everyone. The LED Lights, though, are a huge attraction for the tiny-tots who love this model for the fiesta of colors it provides.


The Lay-Z-Spa Paris is obviously a very eye-catching model and quite a popular one among those sold in the market. The added features take this model to the next level, and needless to say, it is way better than the Lay-Z-Spa Vegas, though it is quite a solid product in its own right. So, if you are looking to buy an inflatable hot tub, the Lay-Z-Spa can be an obvious choice. We are sure that this Lay-Z-Spa Paris Inflatable Hot Tub Review will give you the right impetus to bring this sensational product home.

Coleman Lay-Z-Spa Inflatable Hot Tub Review

If you are thinking of buying an inflatable hot tub for yourself and would like to enjoy great spa experience at home without spending a fortune, you should take a hard look at the Coleman Saluspa, or alternatively known as, the Coleman Lay-Z-Spa inflatable hot tub and this Coleman Lay-Z-Spa Inflatable Hot Tub Review will give you enough information regarding this hot tub and you will know why this product is regarded as one of the most popular models in the market today.

To avoid confusion, let us clarify that the Coleman Saluspa is a branded variant of the Coleman Lay-Z-Spa inflatable hot tub, and apart from the color, it has no difference with the latter.

Top Features

Lay-Z-Massage System

The most attractive feature of this inflatable hot tub is the Lay-Z-hydro Massage System that is propped up by 120 bubble jets that provide you with a heavenly spa experience.

Rapid Heating System

The Rapid Heating System regulates the temperature of the inflatable hot tub.It raises the temperature by 2-3 degrees per hour and to reach the maximum level of 104 degree F, it may take several hours.

Integrated Water Filtration System

In order to maintain proper hygiene, the the inflatable hot tub must have a proper water filtration system, which keeps the water inside the tub fresh and clean when the heating system is on, and also when it is switched off. To make the hot tub function properly, the Coleman Lay-Z-spa offers two extra filters to its customers.

This hot tub has a cushioned floor. There is a thick protective layer cloth beneath the hot tub, thereby minimizing the loss of heat that might percolate through the ground.

Digital Control Panel

The Coleman Lay-Z-Spa is equipped with a digital control panel that regulates all the important functions of the hot tub, which includes regulating the temperature, activating the bubble jets, auto-locking, switching on or off the water filtration system and a host of other functions.

Inflatable Cover

You will be supplied with an insulated cover that protects the entire hot tub when not in use. This cover comprises an aluminum foil coating that provides heat insulation as well as protection from other external hazards.

Other Features

These are some of the extra features that you will get if you purchase the Coleman Saluspa or Lay-Z-spa inflatable hot tub:

  1. The coleman Lay-Z-spa hot tub is furnished with a soft cushioned bottom  that gives you the feel of  luxury seats and the air-padded cloth covering protects the bottom of the tub from gravel, stones or debris.

2) The chemicals provided with the spa comes with a plastic device that floats on water and disperses the essential chemicals to keep the water fresh and clean.

3) You will also get an instructional DVD which gives you complete information about how to set up the hot tub as well as how to maintain it with proper care.

Check price of the Coleman Lay-z-Spa hot tub on Amazon

  • Provides complete fun : This moderately-priced hot tub offers a complete package, together with super features, demo video and other required accessories.
  • Easily maneuverable: This product can be carried to any place of your choice, indoors or outdoors and you can have all the fun with family and friends anywhere you feel like.
  • Easy to use: For the protection of your spa, you are required to place the ground sheet before blowing up the hot tub. The digital control panel that all functions are automatically controlled.
  • The negative issue is that the Coleman Lay-Z-spa hot tub takes a bit more time to get heated up to 104 degree F
  • Proper cleaning is a must for all hot tubs or spas. Chemicals have to be changed from time to time and filters have to be altered as well. But the users are not provided with the chemicals and they have to buy it from the open market or online for proper maintenance of the inflatable hot tub.


The amazing features of the Coleman Lay-Z-Spa make it an outstanding product and in terms of usability, portability and affordability, it stands second to none. This is why we have no hesitation in declaring that The Coleman Lay Z-spa inflatable hot tub is our first pick among all the hot tubs available on the market today. This Coleman Saluspa or Coleman Lay-Z-Spa inflatable hot tub review will testify to the fact that this hot tub offers heavenly spa experience  at an affordable price, and few others can match the performance of this inflatable hot tub. We strongly recommend you to check out the Lay-z-Spa Miami Air Jet Inflatable Hot Tub Review and the Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs Air Jet Inflatable Hot Tub Review if you are looking for an alternative which also boasts the same features in the same or a little bit higher price range.