Benefits of Using Aromatherapy Oils For Better Hot Tub Experience

The following article will give you a brief idea about the benefits of using aromatherapy oils for better hot tub experience.

Everyone looks for a stress-free fun and relaxation at home after a long and hectic day at work. This is where the the portable hot tub, which you have bought for for your relaxation, comes to your help. When you get into the smooth and relaxing portable spa, alone,  or with your partner, you still feel that something is missing. Yes, the X-factor that plays an important role here is the use of essential oils, or aromatherapy oils that raises our spa experience to dizzy heights.

Now what are aromatherapy oils? Well, aromatherapy oils are made of natural organic oils derived from different kind of plants. It works by stimulating the sense organs, especially, the nose. The receptors around the olfactory sense organ send signals to the brain that regulate emotional activities and in turn produce a soothing and relaxing effect in the mind.

When you add these essential oils to the water inside the hot tub, it generates aromatherapy properties. Generally, the aromatherapy oils are dispersed through steaming. But here in the case of the inflatable hot tubs, we add them directly to the water since the water in the hot tub continuously move around, thanks to the jets surrounding the hot tub, and the essential oils easily get dispersed around the inflatable hot tub.

We have listed a few important oils for your benefits, so that you can have that heavenly spa experience.

1) Peppermint


The smell of peppermint is used to release tension and anxiety, relax your stiff muscles. It also cures headaches, muscular or joint pain and enhances mental alertness. Besides, it helps you to get rid of nasal congestion, migraine and other gastrointestinal disorders.

  2) Lavender

Lavender is the most popular aromatherapy oil because of the calming effects it brings to the body and the mind. Apart from the sweet aroma, it helps to get rid of anxiety and hypertension. It also acts as an antiseptic that provides relief from cuts and bruises, insect bites and burns.

3) Tee Tree Oil

The Tee Tree Oil acts as a cure-all for almost all skin conditions. It heals wounds, cuts and also lessens skin irritations that occur from allergy and eczema etc.

4) Eucalyptus

The aromatherapy oil clears your air passages, helps you to get rid of nasal congestion, common cold and breathing trouble that arises from asthma.

You would do well to remember that jacuzzis, hot tubs and inflatable hot tubs require only a few drops of essential or aromatherapy oils to get a proper feel of the aroma that exudes from it. Hot tubs which are smaller in size and can accommodate a couple, need 5 to 10 drops of essential oil. While larger hot tubs that can accommodate 4-6 persons need around 12-15 drops. And there is a caveat: you should not use more than the stipulated dose as it may cause severe allergic reaction on your skin.

There is another thing to remember. Certain essential oils can have photosynthetic effects on your body. So, do not keep the hot tub for long hours under the sun and also abstain from using the aromatherapy oils when you are looking to spend long hours under the sun.


Last but not least, that the aromatherapy oils you are using in the hot tubs are organically made. In any case, if there is an allergic reaction to your skin, you should get out of the tub immediately and visit a skin specialist to check if you have any serious problem.

So, here we have provided a short information about the benefits of using aromatherapy oils for better hot tub experience. So, just splash a few drops of essential oils in your  inflatable hot tub  and see how it can waft you to the heavenly heights of a perfect spa experience!