Are you looking for the best inflatable hot tub and the top inflatable hot tub reviews? If you have landed here because you have been looking for the best inflatable hot tub reviews, so that you may choose the best inflatable hot tub for yourself, something that suits your liking and budget, don’t worry, you have come to the right place.

But we would like to start with a question.Have you ever had a spa experience before? Have you ever enjoyed the heavenly—calm and serene—feelings one usually gets from a spa bath? And didn’t you wish that you had something like this at home?

There is no doubt that everyone looks for a spa sensation that gives you a feeling of calmness and relaxation when you return home after a hectic day at work.

But there is a problem. High-end hot tubs and inflatable spas are not always affordable and permanent installations will cost you a ton of money as well as space. The solution?  Obviously, inflatable hot tubs, which are useful and stylish, and at the same time do not cost you a fortune. See our best inflatable hot tub reviews.

Yes, you can afford to buy the best inflatable hot tub within your budget for your home. An inflatable hot tub will give you a sensational spa feeling throughout the day, no matter whether you are inside your home or in the garden, for it is a portable product that can be placed anywhere and moved away when the fun party is over!

In this website we are going to give you the detailed reviews of the top ten inflatable  hot tubs available on the market today.

Comparison chart of the top 6  inflatable hot tubs of 2017

layzpa hawaii hydrojet inflatable hot tub
  • Saluspa hawaii/Lay-Z-spa hawaii
  • 4-6 adults
  • 210
  • 71×26
  • Read review
layz spa paris
  • Lay-Z-Spa Paris inflatable hot tub
  • 4-6 adults
  • 250
  • 71×26
  • Read review
  • Coleman saluspa Inflatable hot tub
  • 4-6 adults
  • 254
  • 77x28in
  • Read review
intex purespa jet and bubble delux
  • Intex purespa jet and bubble massage hot tub
  • 4 adults
  • 210
  • 58x77 in
  • Read review
lay z spa palm springs air jet inflatable hot tub pic
  • Saluspa Palm Springs Hot Tub
  • 4-6 adults
  • 254
  • 77x28in
  • Read review
intex77 in inflatable hot tub
  • Intex 77 in purespa portable bubble massage
  • 4 adults
  • 210
  • 57x77x28 in
  • Read review

Our Top 10 Inflatable Hot Tubs

1) The Coleman Saluspa/Lay-Z-spa Inflatable Hot Tub

This is really one of the best inflatable hot tubs available on the market today. It is manufactured by the Coleman group, which is also one of the biggest producers of camping gears and tools and other outdoor equipment. It is indeed a top brand that also enjoys a lion’s share in this field as well.

Main Features

Classic Green Exterior

The exterior of the Coleman Saluspa has that classic green look, which is the brand color of the company. The interior, of course, is spotless white and fitted with a cushioned floor that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable when your feet touch the floor. The bubble jets fitted inside give you the kind of water massage and stimulation which you only expect from a high-quality hot spa.

Control Panel

The Coleman Lay-Z-Spa is equipped with a digital control panel that boasts of an automatic start/stop heating system controlled by an inbuilt timer. You just have to set the temperature of your liking and then activate the Lay-Z-Massage system to enjoy the rejuvenating and soothing spa experience.

Puncture-proof exterior

The Coleman Lay-Z-Spa has a puncture-proof exterior made of a hardy Tritech 3-ply material. Besides, the wall of hot tub is is built by using the I-beam construction technology which prevents the walls from bending or buckling in and allows the bathers to relax with their backs to the wall.

Watch this video to check all the cool features of the Coleman Slauspa:


  • Highly affordable
  • Fabulous design
  • Cushioned air-pad provided
  • Great user reviews on Amazon
  • If you have an aversion to the color green, this product is obviously not for you.



Bottomline: The Coleman Saluspa has all the essential features required of a top-class inflatable spa and hence, if you have no aversion to the green color, should be your number one choice. It is one of the most popular models in the market today and one of the best-sellers in Amazon. Read the detailed review.

2) Lay-z-Spa Paris Inflatable Hot Tub Spa

You must have heard of the Bestway brand, especially if you have done some solid research on the best kind of inflatable hot tubs available on the market today. Truly speaking, the Bestway and the Intex are two of the top brands when you talk about spas, Jacuzzis and hot tubs.

Little wonder that the Lay-Z-Spa  Paris has crept into our list of top ten hot tubs. If you take into account the price, quality and advanced features, you will easily be able to guess why this is a top-notch product in the market today.

Main Features

Cushioned Air mat Floor

The Lay-Z-Spa Paris provides a cushioned air mat floor. This is extremely important if you want to protect the hot tub from getting damaged by sharp splinters or stones. Apart from this, it provides better insulation, which means less amount of heat will be lost through the bottom of the hot tub.

Air Jet Technology

You will be amazed to find out that the Lay-Z-Spa Paris hot tub makes use of the Bestway’s air jet technology, which in layman’s terms means that hot tub is capable of producing powerful  bubble jets that will give you an extremely good body massage and soothe your body and mind when you spend some time in the hot tub. The Lay-Z-Spa actually makes use of 87 bubble jets which should be enough to give you a nice and relaxed feeling of comfort and calmness.

Digital Temperature Control

The Lay-Z-Spa Paris is fitted with a sophisticated digital control panel on top of the heater unit. Through this control panel you will be able to turn on or off the heating and the air bubble, which is quite cool.

LED Lights

Another unique feature of the Lay-Z-Spa Paris is the built-in LED strip. You can turn the light on or off through a remote control device. Needless to say, the LED Lights that illuminate the water from the below looks extremely beautiful and cozy!

  • Affordable price
  • Filled with LED Lights
  • Cushioned air pad floor
  • inflatable cover
  • LED lights may not be preferred by everybody
  • The LED Lights might attract insects from outside, if you turn it on at night, but you can always turn it off, if required

Check this video to see the Lay-Z-Spa Paris in action:


 The Lay-Z-Spa Paris is a neatly-designed model with top class features and yet extremely affordable. Among other things, it offers a very cool LED light show and a handheld remote control that activates the lights. All in all, you can have a go at it without much deliberation since this is one product which is preferred by a large number of satisfied customers in Amazon. Read the detailed review.

3Saluspa Hawaii Hydrojet Pro (Lay-Z-Spa-Hawaii with Hydrojet Technology)

The Saluspa Hawaii, or alternatively known as Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii Hydro jet Pro is of one of the most popular inflatable hot tubs dished out by Bestway. This popular portable hot tub is more expensive than other hot tubs in the market, but there are reasons for it.

Main Features   

Hydrojet technology

You can have both real water jets along with common air jets in a single model. This inflatable hot tub makes use of the hydrojet technology. Hydrojets , which are generally common in built-in spas, are not generally seen in inflatable spas. They are used to give you the ultimate pleasure of a hot tub massage. So, how many hydrojets does this product provide? Well, there are eight adjustable hydrojets in this inflatable hot tub that go along the air jets.

Digital Control Panel

The lay-Z-Spa Hawaii is also fitted with a digital control panel with which you can regulate the temperature as well as activate the Hydrojet system for a smooth and relaxing spa experience.

How about watching a video to see for yourself how the Saluspa Hawaii looks when in operation?

  • Real Hydrojets
  • Hardwater system
  • Salt water system
  • The hydrojets and the waterjets cannot be run together


The Saluspa Hawaii or the Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii  Hydrojet Pro Inflatable hot tub is an amazing product with which you can pamper yourself, along with your family and friends and enjoy endless relaxation possibilities. Though price is slightly higher than average models, it is a product we also recommend to potential buyers who are looking for top-class performance. Read the detailed review.

4Intex Purespa Jet and Bubble Massage Delux Spa-Octagon


The Intex Purespa Jet And Bubble Massage is quite an outstanding portable hot tub. The Purespa Delux delivers luxurious relaxation at the press of a button. You can unwind yourself after a long and hard day’s work. Just imagine the feeling when you are surrounded by the heated water giving you a soothing hot massage. It must be a heavenly experience! Isn’t it?

Main Features

There is an easy-to-use control panel that activates 4 adjustable massage jets and 120 heated bubble jets surrounding the interiors of the hot tub to give you a euphoric –relaxed and rejuvenating– experience.

Octagonal shape

Having an octagonal shape, the Purespa is a delight to watch!  Since the hot tub looks absolutely stunning with that new octagonal shape, it lends a touch of class to any space. The automated heating system can be adjusted to your personal preference so that you can enjoy a blissful spa experience.

Built-in Saltwater treatment system

The Purespa Jet and Bubble deluxe Massage Spa is also equipped with a built-in saltwater treatment system that converts the slat which you have added to the water to a more natural form of the chlorine which is soft and gentle to your eyes and skin.

The state-of-the-art hard water system combines with the advanced salt water sanitation system to create a heavenly spa experience.

The following video will give a fair bit of idea as to how this hot tub functions:

  • Ideal for people who wish to enjoy with family and friends.
  • Powerful jets. The hot tub is a self-inflating one.
  • Includes a built-in hard water treatment system.
  • Has a sophisticated look
  • The cost is on the higher side, which may not suit your budget



The Purespa Jet And Bubble Spa Delux massage is equipped with all modern facilities which include powerful jets, self-inflation system, built-in hard water system, along with sophisticated octagonal looks, and it goes without saying that it is one of the most attractive inflatable hot tubs in the market today. Read the detailed review

5) Lay-z-Spa Palm Air Jet Inflatable hot Tub

The Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs Air Jet Inflatable Hot Tub is another top quality portable Spa from Bestway.

If you just consider the size, it is nearly identical with the Saluspa Paris, but this hot tub is devoid of those cool LED lights.

Main Features

 Digital Control Panel

The  Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs is fitted with a digital control panel that makes operating super cool. You just have to adjust the desired temperature (up to 104 degree F) and activate the Lazy Spa Massage system that gives you ultimate spa experience–smooth and tranquil.

Premium Leather Looks

The Palm springs premium leather look, mellow color and high-quality finish makes it a highly-coveted product.     

 I -Beam Construction      

The sturdy I Beam Construction makes it stable from all sides, while the cushioned air pad floor, which forms the base of the spa, provides additional comfort to the feet and also minimizes the heat loss through the base of the spa.

Bigger Water Capacity

While the recommended capacity is limited to 4-6 persons, the Palm Springs has a bigger water capacity which offers greater depth as well as more space for foot movement. The Lay-z-Spa Palm Springs requires no professional installation and you can easily set it up without anybody’s help. So, if you have the warm and comfortable 104 degree F water temperature and massage jets caressing your body, do you really need anything else to soothe your aching legs?

Check this video to see  why this product is so attractive:



  • The latest hydrojet system enables the the user to direct the water jet in any direction he likes ( so you can adjust according to your preference)
  • The new Salt chlorinator system helps prevent skin irritation.
  • The temperature does not go above the level of 104 degree F even if you want to in the latest model.a


The Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs is an ideal choice for your family and friends if you want to give everyone a pleasant and fun-filled evening.  Or you may just want to give yourself and your partner an absolute romantic and luxurious time. Read the detailed review.

6)  Intex 77 in Purespa Portable Bubble Massage Set

Our sixth spot is grabbed by another popular model–the Intex 77 in Purespa Portable Bubble Massage Spa set, which is also a very attractive portable spa, and quite popular among the masses.

Main Features    

 Fabulous Exterior

The Intex Purespa looks fabulous in the tan color, while the light cream interior looks cool and soothing to the eyes.


This inflatable hot tub is made of a puncture-resistant tough material that increases its lifespan to a great extent.

Electronic Hard water Treatment System  

The Intex Purespa boasts of an electronic hard water treatment system that makes it stand out in the crowd. When the hard water splashes on your body, you can rest assured that it will have no adverse effect on your skin.

Digital Push-button Temperature Control

This inflatable hot tub comfortably accommodates 4 adults and you can reach a temperature of 104 degree F which, of course, can be regulated according to your personal preference.

Advanced Technology

The Purespa also makes use of advanced technology that creates suspended crystals. The crystals then get retained in the filter cartridge, which in turn leaves soft water in the hot tub.

The following video will help you to get a close look of the Intex Purespa Hot Tub:


  • Right Price
  • Can be placed indoors or outdoors
  • Soft yet sturdily built
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Built-in hard water treatment system
  • No seats
  • Loses heat faster than some other models


The Portable Intex 77 Purespa allows you to pamper yourself in cozy, relaxed heated water, and when you get inside, you will be encircled by the bubble jets which recharge your body and mind and washes away all the day’s stress and tiredness. Do you need anything more? This is indeed an ideal inflatable hot tub which you can choose for your family. Read the detailed review.

7)  Lay-Z-Spa Miami Air Jet Inflatable Tub

Have you ever dreamt of having an inflatable hot tub and that too at an affordable price? In that case, the Saluspa or Lay-z-spa Miami might be your answer.

For it is an affordable, high-quality go-anywhere spa that can easily accommodate 4 adults.

This inflatable hot tub can be easily set up anywhere inside your home or outdoors within a few minutes. Its soothing 104 degree F water temperature along with the massage jets is quite perfect for total relaxation after a hard day at office.

Main Features

Easy set up—no installation

The Lay-z-Spa can be set up by anybody without any external help and you can go through the whole process within minutes.

The Rapid Heating System

The Rapid Heating System is there to heat up the Spa quickly and safely.

Automatic Digital Control Panel

The automatic digital control panel will enable you to regulate the water temperature according to your personal preference. You can also use digital control panel to start the bubble jets and enjoy the sensational bubble bath.

Tough and Durable

To increase its strength and durability, the Lay-z –spa is made of Tritech material which is hard enough to withstand all wear and tear.

Sturdy I Beam Construction

The Lay-Z-Spa Miami is puncture-resistant and the I Beam Construction prevents the Spa from bending or buckling, ensuring that you get enough support for your back.

The following video will give you enough idea how the Lay_Z-Spa Miami inflatable hot tub:



  • 120 Bubble jets
  • Lay-z-massage system
  • Water Filtration system
  • Rapid Heating System
  • Digital Control Panel
  • Two Filter Cartridges included
  • No chlorine or other chemicals provided
  • Only meant for 4 adults
  • A bit costlier than some other similar hot tubs


 All in all, the numerous positive reviews left by the buyers speak volumes for the fact that the Lay-Z-spa Miami is a very popular model in the market today and so, if you think that the features match your expectation and budget, there is no reason why you shouldn’t go for it. Read the detailed review.

8)   The M-Spa Model  B-130 Camaro Hot Tub

The M-Spa Model B-130 Camaro Hot Tub is a wonderful specimen of a high-quality portable, inflatable spa manufactured by M-Spa.

This small hot tub can comfortably accommodate 4 adults and obviously it is a perfect choice for a small family looking for a great spa sensation.

Main Features

Ideal for small family

This portable spa can accommodate 4 people, which means that a small family of 4 can spend a quiet evening together and enjoy the thrilling and rejuvenating spa experience. Besides, this inflatable hot tub contains extra cushioning to provide ultimate comfort to the users.

Tough and durable construction

The body of the Camaro is strengthened with I-beam technology which gives the Spa s solid stable body.

Smart Inflation system

If you think that the setting up an inflatable hot tub is a hateful chore, you are wrong. The M-Spa Camaro makes use of the Smart Inflation System which makes the hot tub ready within few minutes.

Air Bubble Jets

One of the coolest features of the MSpa Camaro is the bubble jet system. The Camaro makes use of 110 bubble jets to provide a great stream of air bubbles around the hot tub which continue to soothe your body and mind after a long and hard day at work.

Touch Button Control

You will surprised to note that each and every feature of this hot tub is taken care of by a 6-button control panel from where you can regulate the air bubbles, the heating mechanism as well as the filter with one touch of a button.

The following video will give you a clear idea about the Camaro and how it functions:



  • High-quality Jacuzzi built with utmost care
  • Ideal for small family
  • The smart inflation system ensures that you won’t have to run about here and there
  • Looks great from outside because of the Black PVC exterior
  • users complain that the temperature slightly drops when the air bubbles are on
  • The zipper on the cover has left some customers dissatisfied.


 The Camaro B-130 Spa is exquisitely designed and good enough to accommodate a small family of 4. Most of the users are delighted with kind of delightful spa experience this model provides. We would definitely recommend Camaro B-130 to all potential customers looking for a heavenly spa experience at home, and this a slightly expensive product meant for those who have a penchant for sophisticated looks and top-class performance. Read the detailed review.

9) Intex 85in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set

The a SeIntex 85in Purespa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set one of the top products so far as inflatable hot tubs are concerned. If you consider its spaciousness, portability and durability, few products can match it. And yes, you can become a proud owner of such a fantastic product without spending a fortune.

Why is it such an outstanding product? You can easily see the difference when the powerful air jets create the bubbling action round you, leaving you relaxed and rejuvenated.

Again, thanks to the superior heating technology, the water gets fairly hot within the specified time and you can set the temperature according to your own preference.

Main Features

1) You can use it anywhere on any level surface

2) Ultra durable PVC material prevents wear and tear

3) Comfortably accommodates six adults.

4) Soothing bubbling action relaxes your body and mind

5) Rugged I-Beam construction keeps it hard and prevents the hot tub from bending or buckling.

6) Automatic touch –button inflates and deflates the hot tub

7)  couple of easy-to-use  filter cartridges included in the pack


  • Very tough construction
  • Powerful massage jets to provide soothing comfort
  • Unique  design with sophisticated look
  • Efficient built-in hard water treatment system for better skin comfort
  • Ideal for a family of 4-6
  • Chlorine not available with the package
  • Carry bag is not quite strong


All in all, the Intex 85 in  Purespa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set is comparable to the very best Jacuzzis and surely, if you can afford it, it is going to be an excellent choice for you. Read the detailed review.


10) The Intex Purespa Bubble Hot Tub And Pool Set

The Intex PureSpa Bubble Hot Tub And Pool Set stands out in the crowd by virtue of its elegant looks and sophisticated design. You have really not seen anything like this before. And this is why we have saved this product for you as our last recommended product— for it is a kind of hybrid between an inflatable hot tub and a pool. And don’t be fooled by the less number of reviews. We are convinced that with time, people will catch up to the Intex Purespa hot tub-cum-pool set, which we presume is too advanced a design to catch the fancy of one and all.

Main Features

Hybrid design

Since the Intex Purespa is a combination between a hot tub and a pool, the children would love playing around and having fun in the pool. So, in a sense, this is the best hot tub for your family, especially if you have a couple of tiny tots at home. Or if you like, you can take part in the fun game with your children—like throwing a ball from this side to that.

The hot tub part, which is smaller, can accommodate 4 people, while the pool which is considerably bigger, would easily seat six people. But let me tell you –this product is just not for quiet relaxation only—you can have your whole family frolicking in the water as you do it in the swimming pool.

Built-in hard water Treatment System

This hybrid inflatable hot tub arrives with a built-in hard water treatment system so that the water pump doesn’t get clogged. It also ensures that the water is gentle on your skin.

The following video will give you an idea why this portable spa cum pool is such an outstanding model



  • Meant for the whole family in the true sense of the term
  • Hard water treatment system
  • Remarkable spa experience
  • Occupies a lot of space because of its huge size
  • Price on the heavier side
  • Chemicals not included in the package


The Intex Purespa Hot Tub and Pool Set is a remarkable product, though it hasn’t received many reviews among the Amazon buyers. It offers tremendous spa experience for the whole family and you can enjoy a hot day in the pool with everyone in the family. If you can afford it, it is surely is a neighbor’s envy, owner’s pride! Read the detailed review.


How to Select The Best Inflatable Hot Tub?

1)Do you have enough space at your disposal?

First, ask yourself, how much space do you have? You must ensure that you have enough to place it inside your home or in the garden. For, after it is inflated it really occupies a lot of space. What you are supposed to provide is a smooth surface, free from any debris that might harm the portable hot tub.

2)  What kind of material is it made of?

You also will have to take into account that the inflatable spa you are thinking of buying is made of sturdy material that doesn’t get damaged at the slightest friction. Some inflatable hot tubs can withstand more heat, while some others provide foam insulation that keeps the inflatable spa warmer for a longer period.

3)  Keep an eye on the safety features

Safety features are an extremely important factor when you go to choose your favorite inflatable hot spa. A few of the hot tubs are equipped with non-slip flooring and individual seats for maximum protection and comfort. Some of the portable spa have thermostatic cut-offs that automatically cuts off connection when the hot tub get heated up to the extreme. Many other hot tubs are fitted with water filtration system that keeps the water clean and fresh. The best kind of portable spas have all these important features.

4)  Inflatable Hot Tub Jets

What kind of what tub jets do you prefer? You must ask yourself before you buy one. While some individuals are happy with mild water turbulence, others won’t be satisfied until they have full massaging benefits, which generally require quite a bigger number of jets.

5)  Does your product come with an inflatable hot tub cover?

Does the hot tub package include a free cover? This is what you must ask before choose one for yourself.

6)  Is the price okay for you?

There are tons of inflatable hot tubs available in the market and you will be overwhelmed by the number of brands and varieties. But before you buy a cheaper version, you must check whether you are sacrificing quality for the sake of saving a few dollars. Let’s put it straight. Cheaper hot tubs are usually made of cheaper materials and parts which will continue to trouble you after a few days. Repairing cost will rapidly mount and in the end you will have to replace that with a new one.

7) Does Your Hot Tub Provide warranty?

Many attractive hot tub manufacturers offer attractive warranties to their customers. So you must ensure that you are getting all warranty covers you want for yourself before you close the deal.

What Are The Advantages Of Inflatable Hot Tubs?

1)    The first advantage of owning an inflatable hot tub is that you can set it up anywhere, inside home or outside. And also you can inflate it and deflate it as and when you need it, and the rest of the time, you can stash it away at any safe place.

2)    You will not require any technical expertise to set up the portable spa and the only thing you are supposed to provide yourself is a smooth debris-free level ground so that your portable spa doesn’t get damaged by frictional wear and tear.

3)    As its name suggests, the inflatable hot tub is a portable product and can be moved anywhere you want. You can use it inside your home, in the garden, or outdoors where you would like to spend the weekend with your family and friends.

4)    An inflatable hot tub is a great energy saver. You can run a portable hot spa with a standard 120-volt power socket, which  makes it more

economical than the usual hot tubs or spas that require more power to run.

5)     Inflatable hot tubs are way cheaper than traditional spas or Jacuzzis which are expensive to say the least. This is why many potential buyers who would not be able to afford a traditional hot tub can easily go the market and select one inflatable hot tub which suits the budget.

6)    Portable hot spas can be cleaned much more easily once a week and the filter can also be cleaned on a weekly basis, needing a replacement every six months.

Hot tubs can provide a lot of health benefits. You can wash away your anxiety, stress, muscle and joint pains by relaxing in the portable spas for hours. It improves your blood circulation and uplifts your mood.

7)    You can select additional features that come with a portable spa, like using water jets and air jets for complete body massage.

Inflatable Hot Tub Usage: Are You Aware Of The Best Practice?

1)Where to set up an Inflatable hot tub?

Before an inflatable hot tub, it is imperative that you think hard about the placement of the hot tub. It is fairly easy to set up and fill an inflatable hot tub, but you need an outlet to drain out the water after you have used it. Besides, you must ensure that the portable spa is placed on a level ground and not in an uneven surface littered with gravel and stones. It means your comfort level is going to diminish considerably, not to mention the damage it might cause to the body of the hot tub.

2)   How often do you need to change the water of the inflatable hot tub?

You can protect the water in the hot tub by using a lid when you are not using the product. But you will have to make sure that filter is operational and cleaned on a weekly basis. Don’t forget to use the chemicals in you hot tub to keep the water safe and sterile.

3)    How often do you need to clean the hot tub?

An inflatable portable spa requires much less maintenance than a traditional hot spa. However, you must make it a point to clean it properly to make sure that the hot tub is kept in prime condition. You can clean your portable hot tub with warm soap water as soon as the water is drained out. You should also use a piece of soft cloth so that the walls of the hot tub suffer no damage.

4)   What about cleaning the filters and how often?

It is a common experience that the filters get clogged very often. So, you should also clean the filters meticulously every week. It will increase the longevity of the filters which generally need to be replaced every six months. It is also not a bad idea to have more than one filter all the time. This means that even there is a problem with one; you can have the spare ready to serve you.

5)  How much air should be pumped into the hot tub?

1) Unlike fixed and permanently installed hot tubs, the inflatable hot tub does not require a great deal of maintenance. You don’t need any professional help to clean the portable hot tub as long as you follow the basic rules for maintaining the hot tub.

2) Clean the hot tub at least once a week. If you have spare filter, put that in place of the filter that needs to be cleaned.

3) 3) You must replace the hot tub every week. Once the water is emptied, you must clean it with a soft cloth.

4) When the hot tub is not operational, you must use a cover or a lid so that no debris falls into it when it is not in use. This will help the inflatable hot tub to remain in the best possible condition.

Benefits Of An Inflatable Hot Tub

The benefits of taking a hot bath are legion. Here are some of the benefits if you are a regular user of an inflatable hot tub.

1)    Improves blood circulation

The blood circulation of your body improves greatly as water puts pressure on the blood vessels, facilitating the whole circulatory system.

It is almost a no-brainer that taking a hot bath offers great relaxation to the body and the mind. The hot water relaxes the muscles and provides relief from the daily tension.

2)    Heals aches and pains

If you have small injuries, or suffer from muscle fatigue, a hot water bath work wonders for you, allowing the body to recuperate from slight muscle injuries and recharge your batteries.

3)    Lose Weight

People suffering from high blood pressures and even high blood sugar are often advised by doctors to go for long walks regularly, so that the blood sugar level might dip a bit. Taking a hot bath regularly may give you the same benefits and some hot tub bathers surprisingly claim that they have also been able to lose weight!

4) It is said that taking hot tub helps a person to retain a cleaner body and skin. For, taking a hot bath opens up the pores of the skin and provides deeper cleaning experience, which will leave your skin fresh and bacteria-free.


We hope that you have found our hot tub reviews informative and useful. An inflatable hot tub has a lot of health benefits as well. So, you should always, after carefully going through all the inflatable hot tub reviews, be able to buy the best inflatable hot tub of your choice, without putting much pressure on your purse.

You must also ensure that you purchase an inflatable hot tub with a solid warranty. This is very important; otherwise you will be deprived of the benefits of spare replacement.

Summing up, just go and buy the inflatable hot tub of your choice and relax. This is the ultimate pleasure you can dream of after a hard day’s work at office. A hot bath will soothe your mind and body and you will feel recharged and refreshed. Our  top inflatable hot tub reviews will help you to buy the best inflatable hot tub of your choice and since the price of this product is not too high, there is no reason why you should not be able to buy the best inflatable hot tub available on the market today. Happy bathing!