Intex PureSpa Jet And Bubble Deluxe Portable Hot Tub Review

If you are really looking for an inflatable hot tub to get the perfect spa experience, and that too at the comfort of your home, you should go through this review carefully.

Yes, this review is all about the Jet and massage spa set, which includes the Massage Jet feature as well as the Bubble jets which is common in all the inflatable hot tubs such as the MSpa B-130 Camaro and the Intex Purespa Bubble Hot Tub And Pool Set. And what distinguishes this hot tub from others is its octagonal shape, which gives it an outstanding look. Read on to learn more about this inflatable hot tub so that you may decide whether it matches your expectation.

Special Features

The Intex purespa Jet and Bubble Hot Tub, though seems identical to other hot tubs in many aspects, is not really so because of the following features:

  • Octagonal shape
  • High-performance massage jets
  • Built-in hard water and salt water treatment system

What sets this apart from other hot tubs is obviously because of the heavenly spa experience from the 120 bubble jets combined with the high-powered massage system that soothes your aching back. Through the control system anyone can run the hard water and salt water treatment system, along with the bubble jet system. Besides, you can also inflate the hot tub as well as the insulated cover. And unlike other hot tubs, you can have both the features operational at the same time. The Heater and the Bubble Jets can run simultaneously, while you may also choose to run both the Bubble and the Massage system together.


Before we talk about capacity, you should ask yourself why you need to buy this and for whom. Most probably, you would like to spend a sunny day outdoors along with your family, or you may want to enjoy a quiet evening with your partner after a hot and tiring day at office. Whatever may be the cause, this model is for everyone. It has a seat capacity of 4 people and you can also relax with your legs stretched when you are alone or just with your wife.

Heating System

The Control Unit of the Octagonal portable hot tub has the capacity to heat up the water up to 104 degree F or 40 degree C. Some bathers, however, would like to go beyond and want a higher degree of water temperature, but if should rather avoid doing that because it might undermine the durability of your hot tub considerably.

Filtration System

The manufacturers of the Intex PureSpa Jet And Bubble deluxe Inflatable Hot Tub has created this product keeping in mind that consumers should have the best spa experience at a minimum cost from home. This is why the control unit has a built-in Hard water treatment system . This is obviously a standard feature of all high-end hot tubs nowadays.

It goes without saying that hard water is not so gentle in your skin. It can leave soap scums and gradually clog the flow of water. Secondly, the easy-to-install filtration system ensures that the portable spa is kept clean for several uses. For this reason, it uses 2 filter cartridges which can be easily replaced or installed. Besides,  the built-in salt water system is there to help limit the chlorine in water, which may often is necessary to treat the water.

Massage system

Anyone can get an inflatable hot tub at a cheaper price, but there is reason why you are required to pay more for this hot tub. You will have to take into account that there is not only the bubble jet system but also there is a massage jet system in position that might run together to build up a heavenly spa sensation for you.

  • Octagon-shaped for more leg space
  • Built-in water treatment system for salt water as well as hard water
  • 140 bubble jets give you a relaxed feeling
  • 4 high-powered adjustable massage jets, one on each side wall
  • Can run two function simultaneously like bubble and massage jets
  • Seating capacity for 4 adults
  • Maximum heat capacity of 104 degree F may not impress everyone


 So, with the Intex PureSpa Jet and Bubble Massage Deluxe Spa, you can have a refreshing and relaxing spa experience surrounded by soothing water massage as well as bubbly exuberance. This portable hot tub may be a bit costlier than ordinary hot tubs but the product is worth every penny. We are absolutely sure that after going through the whole review, you will be able to make up your mind whether you should purchase this product or not or reject for another. This Intex Purespa deluxe is indeed a fully-functional, luxurious hot tub where you and your family or friends would love to take a dip in and enjoy a few hours of serene and quiet spa experience. Check our homepage for more of the Best Hot Tub Reviews.