MSpa B-130 Camaro Inflatable Hot Spa Review

Whenever you talk about about ultimate luxury in water, think of the MSpa B-130 Camaro Inflatable Hot Spa. Yes, whether you want it as a morning eye-opener, a post workout relaxation session, or a quiet time to spend a romantic evening with your loved ones after a hectic day at office, there is nothing like the MSpa Camaro. This MSpa B-130 Camaro Inflatable Hot Spa Review will help you understand why this inflatable hot tub is quite appropriate if you want to unwind your tired body and mind and rekindle your senses. The MSpa Camaro caters to all your essential needs.

Main Features

Sits up to 4 people

The MSpa Camaro inflatable hot spa can accommodate up to 4 people , which mean that your whole family can relax and enjoy the bubble bath together. The floor of the MSpa B-130 is nicely padded with individual seat cushions so as to give you the ultimate comfort when you sit inside the hot tub.

Durable Construction

The MSpa Camaro B-130 Spa uses the durable I-Beam Construction which gives the Spa a solid, sturdy body that does not easily bend or buckle when you sit pressing your back against the wall. Same construction technology that the Intex 85in Purespa Portable Bubble Massage Spa  and the Coleman Saluspa/Lay-Z-spa Inflatable Hot Tub has. The outer covering is made of top class synthetic leather and looks fabulous.

Smart Inflation

Many people erroneously think that setting up an inflatable hot tub s a tedious chore. But here you have the smart inflation system which enables you to inflate the hot tub within a few minutes. You are just required to connect the pipe and press a button and the system inflates the inflatable hot tub on its own.

130 air Bubble Jets

One of the most important features of the MSpa is obviously the Bubble Jet System uses a 1-hp air blower to power the 130 air jets to provide a continuous flow of air bubbles around the hot tub so that you can enjoy calm and soothing spa experience for a few hours.

Built-in heater

The built-in heater employed by MSpa enables your hot tub to raise the temperature by approximately 1.5-2 degrees each hour till it reaches the maximum of 104 degree F.

Touch Button Controls

The Touch Button Controls system enables you to control most of the features through the built-in digital Control Panel which helps you to regulate the bubble massage system, the water temperature as well as the filter and you can do everything at the touch of a button.


The MSpa camaro B-130 Hot Spa has included a lot of accessories in the Box. The case includes a owner’s manual, an instructional DVD, heat preservation mat, and last but not least, a garden hose adaptor.

Technical specifications

Product dimension: 28x71x71 inches

Model no: B-130

Shipping weight of the tub: 8.9 lbs

Water capacity : 184 gallon

Air bubble jets:130

  • This is a top class model with stunning looks that allows people on a budget to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of a hot tub.
  • The build quality is extremely good and you can use it to your advantage for a long time without having to worry about replacement parts quite frequently.
  • An inflatable cover is included in the package to keep the spa safe and secure overnight.
  • Some customers have complained that the hot tub loses its temperature quite easily.


The MSpa B-130 Hot Spa has already proved that it is one of the top-notch products in the market. It is just right for a family of 4 and you would live its quality looks and modern features. We are pretty sure that after going through the MSpa B-130 Camaro Inflatable Hot Spa review, you will have no doubt in your mind about the good and bad qualities of it. Hence, if you are looking for an inflatable hot tub which is affordable and at the same time boasts of having maximum features, this model is right for you.